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The Morning Ritual

Apr 30, 2022 11:00AM ● By Christy Abate
Photo by: Kailey Fellows taken in The Shungite Room at The Angel Cooperative

Photo by: Kailey Fellows taken in The Shungite Room at The Angel Cooperative

Our body is a sacred container that collects energies throughout the day. Some lift us up and others make us feel sticky and leaden. If we think of ourselves as an energy vortex, then we know these various energies affect our toroidal field.

We are offered an opportunity every day to clear and balance our subtle bodies and decide at which frequency our vortex will vibrate. When we activate our light body, we are energetically integrating the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This integration accelerates manifestation, creativity, connectedness and ascension.

By creating a morning routine, we are setting the dial on our personal transmitter, sending out and receiving messages. Each sunrise is an opportunity to reset our entire system. 

A morning routine is any practice that is intentionally done every day. It’s usually performed during that sacred time between waking and full immersion into the outside world. It might begin in the foggy haze of the veil, the period when you begin to stir from slumber.

Start simple. While still in bed, take three deep belly breaths. No rush—just breathe deeply. Oxygen massages all parts of the body, and the physical act of inhaling and exhaling lifts and expands the heart space. You can look at this as a gift to yourself every morning—an opportunity to focus your attention and intention at your heart.

Research has proven that a morning routine is psychologically and physically beneficial. You may already know it’s good for you, but you may not know how to implement it. Start by asking yourself some questions: What calms me? Do I enjoy journaling? Do essential oils resonate with me? Do I prefer silence or music? Where do I or can I perform my morning routine? How much time do I have?

Once you’ve started to explore your own preferences, you can use some of the ideas below to design your own morning ritual.

Here is a glimpse into my morning ritual. I might do all of them, or perhaps truncate the routine, only performing the first five (and #10), as they determine my frequency.

• Before getting out of bed: Deep belly breaths. Say The Lord’s Prayer. Ask 

Spirit to use me for the highest and best good of all. 

• Drink a glass of lemon water, then get my coffee. Before I drink my coffee, I tap my thymus gland several times to activate my immune system and stimulate my heart center.

• Sit in a chair that faces the rising sun to energize my divine coding.

• Pull a tarot card. I ask my deck to offer guidance on the energy of the day. Sometimes I pull a clarifying oracle card too.

• State aloud or in my heart that for which I am thankful and name those I love. This automatically raises my vibration to the frequencies of love and joy.

• Use essential oils and/or light candles.

• Meditate: Chant with malas, pray the rosary, sit in silence or listen to a guided meditation.

• Do light movement like yoga, walking or stretching.

• Journal or automatic writing.

• Make the bed.

There is no need to stop at a morning routine. Try some resets throughout the day, like: listening to sound chimes, singing bowls or tuning forks; making meals sacred by blessing food before eating; or focusing on the breath by taking three belly breaths.

Close the circle. We have an innate desire to complete a cycle. It’s as natural to us as following the rhythm of the rising and setting sun. Therefore, you might find yourself longing to end your day with some sacred practices, too.

Try these evening rituals:

• Cut herbs for dinner. Keep potted fresh herbs in the kitchen if you don’t have a garden. The act of cupping the herbs in your hands grounds you. You receive the love and nourishment from the plant.

• Walk to your mailbox barefoot. Most people wear shoes all day long. On a daily basis, we need the healing gifts that only the earth can offer.

• Say a protection prayer before bed. For example, “I call on Archangel Michael to protect me while I sleep. Archangel Michael, please stand to the left of me, to the right, in front and behind me. And I ask Archeia Faith to rest in my heart.”

A routine is vital to our overall health and well-being. Luckily, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the morning, and there are myriad techniques to use. Just remember that any ritual you create will support your efforts to not fall into the default energy around you. You can intentionally set the frequency for how you will experience the world. You create the day you want to live.

Christy Abate is co-owner of The Angel Cooperative, at 51 Ethan Allen Hwy, in Ridgefield. Connect at 203-431-2959 and See ad, page 21.

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