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Astrology for August: Happy Birthday, Leo and Virgo!

Jul 29, 2022 01:00PM ● By Alexa Lane

The Sun is in the sign of Leo and will move into Virgo on August 24th. On August 2nd, Venus in Cancer is sextile Mars in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus and the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. The energy stimulates assertiveness toward developing loving, nurturing relationships that support individuality. Living in harmony with nature, engaging in body-mind therapies and listening to instinctual messages will support healing on a personal, local and global level.

Mars in Taurus will also trine Pluto in Capricorn on August 13th. Although intense situations involving competition and power may arise, pause before taking action, stand firm and maintain serenity. On August 27th, Mercury in Libra is trine Mars in Gemini. There is supportive energy to engage in balanced conversations and graceful communication. Be courageous, listen carefully, focus on truth and initiate conversation.

Leo Season

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun and has a vibrant, passionate, generous and life-affirming energy. It inspires creative self-expression and performance.

Leo encourages individuals to courageously and joyously leave their mark on the world. Leo season is a time to step into the spotlight.

Leo also motivates opening the portal of the heart and sharing the authentic self. It provides the courage to risk vulnerability and express the truth within the soul. By sharing from the heart, heart-centered connections will form with others. Leo’s energy is activated when the heart synchronizes with another person. Within these heart-centered exchanges, warm, loving energy emerges. A feedback loop of love flows in both directions. Venus moves into Leo on August 11th, offering support for building relationships on love, trust and mutual adoration.

To embody Leo’s energy, share original creative work, make a YouTube video, teach a workshop and express love.

Full Moon in Aquarius

On August 11th, a Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees and 21 minutes in the air sign Aquarius at 9:35pm, EDT. Aquarius inspires individuation, freedom, innovation and the release of approval. Aquarius encourages individuals to walk a truthful path.

During this Full Moon, the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. The energy supports embracing an independent spirit and creating more structure in life, which will allow for greater freedom. It’s a time to give form to soul callings and release limiting beliefs. Applying self-discipline will make original, brilliant ideas a reality. With all Full Moons, practice forgiveness and gratitude.

New Moon in Virgo

On August 27th, a New Moon occurs at 4 degrees and 3 minutes in the earth sign Virgo at 4:17am, EDT. Virgo inspires mastering skills, service, precision and striving to attain the highest potential. The Virgo New Moon is an excellent time for setting intentions to start a new business that serves others, begin a health routine or polish your current skills. To help manifest something new on the New Moon, write down a plan to achieve a goal. During meditation, feel the emotion of accomplishing the goal, express gratitude and release it to the universe.

Alexa Lane is a best-selling author, Evolutionary Astrologer and Holistic Consultant. Readers can personalize these themes by finding the signs and points on their Astrological natal charts. For more details on Full and New Moon Manifestation, download a free guide at Connect at [email protected] or

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Alexa Lane, Evolutionary Astrologer and Holistic Consultant

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