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Astrological Energy for November

Oct 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Alexa Lane
The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. On November 22, the Sun will enter Sagittarius.

Mars in Gemini began a retrograde cycle on October 30 and will go direct on January 12, 2023. 
Mars relates to personal will and the drive to take action. The retrograde cycle creates the opportunity to reflect upon ideas and to process information that triggers growth. Introspection is essential to determine the actions needed to make ideas a reality. Think before acting impulsively.

Mars continues to square Neptune in Pisces this month. The energy calls for actively listening to inner guidance in order to avoid delusion, low energy or lack of conscious awareness.
In addition, Jupiter in Aries began a retrograde cycle and moved to the sign of Pisces on October 28. Jupiter will go direct on November 23 and move into Aries on December 20. Jupiter squares Mars, inspiring individuals to answer the question: How will my words and actions support compassion and new possibilities in the future?

Scorpio Season
Scorpio is a fixed water sign co-ruled by the planets Pluto (modern ruler) and Mars (classical ruler). Scorpio has a sustained emotional intensity. It possesses a probing quality and an air of hidden power. There is an interest in what lies below the surface of the conscious mind.
In light of this, Scorpio desires to uncover the unconscious. Scorpio aims to live in the present moment, unencumbered by the past. With honesty and psychoanalytic instincts, Scorpio motivates individuals to face their truths. 

To work with this energy, honor emotions and engage in healing therapies that release past hurts. This process will help clarify the path to happiness. On an intimate level, Scorpio desires intense emotional bonds, deep communion and trust. It asks individuals to stand naked in their truth and to gaze into the eyes of another. Scorpio cultivates sacred sexual healing. It dives deep into the waters of the soma, psyche and soul and emerges with wisdom and power.

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
On November 8, a Full Moon, a Total Lunar Eclipse, occurs at 16 degrees and zero minutes in the earth sign Taurus at 6:02 a.m., EST. The Lunar Eclipse is powerful and creates great potential for change.

During this Full Moon, the Moon is conjunct Uranus and the North Node, all in the sign of Taurus. It is also in opposition to Mercury, Venus and the South Node, all in Scorpio. The energy inspires entering into a state of serenity and gratitude. Listen carefully to instinctual signals and the sudden insight arising from the heart. Furthermore, honest conversations within relationships can inspire practical solutions that support healing karma.

New Moon in Sagittarius
On November 23, a New Moon occurs at 1 degree and 37 minutes in the fire sign Sagittarius at 5:57 p.m. EST. Sagittarius inspires breaking out of set routines and the discovery of the meaning and purpose of life.

Jupiter is sextile Pluto on this New Moon. The energy inspires individuals to believe in their ability to transform, broaden their horizons and create their destinies.

Alexa Lane is a best-selling author and leads yoga, Reiki and meditation training programs. Readers can personalize the themes above by finding the signs and points on their Astrological natal charts. Connect at

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