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Crystalline Consciousness: Humanity’s Transformational Path in 2023

Dec 30, 2022 10:01AM ● By Annaita Gandhy

New years are always special, carrying auspicious energies of hope and possibilities. 2023 is exceptionally special as we humans and Earth connect more fully with Crystalline Consciousness. These exceedingly fine frequencies cannot support lower consciousness and thus will challenge us to look at life, our world, ourselves and our choices. It brings us opportunities to transform and transmute what is useless, for humanity is being purified to match the frequencies.

This means that everything that happens, happens for us. Let go of the past and move forward in strength and integrity. Forgive. Raise sights to worthy pursuits and things, and know that what we put in place here and now will be the foundation for years to come.

Our entire Universe and Cosmos operate on “order”, driven by the supreme consciousness of which all is created. In its perfected state, this order is harmonic—known as Divine Order. To achieve this state, energies must vibrate frequencies of complete and utter balance, all-embracing, unconditional love—that supreme love which the heart wants us to heed.

The vibrations of Earth, and all life upon Earth must ultimately match these higher frequencies. As this occurs, consciousness expands to ever greater levels of understanding and potential. This is the ascension process, of which all are currently experiencing, taking us to the “next higher frequencies” along our soul journey—higher than what humanity has previously experienced. Thus, as opposing energies of lower and higher consciousness collide, they create conflicts, chaos, shifts and opportunities for us to build anew on a higher level, stepping out of the chaos.

We have an opportunity to set in motion a new trajectory. The higher the energies we support now, the longer lasting they will be. From this moment on, only higher consciousness alone must be our choice of driving force in all aspects of life. Each choice to act and respond from a higher place, aids the transmutation of lower frequencies, affirming a longer trajectory.

We must learn to respect and work together, seeing the best in others and becoming inclusive. Compassion and kindness across the board is required, along with respect of every human. We must be what we wish to see. The ego-self must be seen for what it is and discarded forever. The human free-will path, while offering incredible latitude of freedom, demands high levels of responsibility. To move forward, it is essential to bow to a higher intelligence, whatever one may choose to name it.

Seizing the opportunities presented by the chaos and conflict of today in all areas of life, while choosing to see the silver lining of events, will strengthen our trust and give us the courage to rise to new heights. As the Crystalline Consciousness Energies carry the super-fine vibrations of Earth’s Crystalline substance within, activated to serve us on our onward journey, we have great support to do good things when we harness our choice and will.

Humanity must open its eyes, take stock and change from the inside out, looking inward for courage and guidance to that Supreme Power within—whatever one chooses to name it. When we step forward from inner heart-wisdom and spirit-power, fulfilling their path and purpose, our world will see and experience a glorious era.

This year brings us closer to that inner point of power, which allows this to occur. 2023 and the years following will offer us opportunities to strengthen and harness our Light within, so we may align with our Spirit compass. The events we experience will be for our growth alone, and how we handle them shall determine both character and our onward journey.

Annaita Gandhy, Spiritual Guide in Middletown, conducts meditations, workshops and classes for healing and empowerment. Sharing from the heart, she guides the initiate to deep understanding of self and the universal process, walking beside each through their journey of Spiritual growth toward wisdom and personal power. Connect at [email protected] or