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The Heart as a Soul Path

Feb 01, 2023 09:00AM ● By Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW
If you are on a spiritual journey, you must listen to your heart. Your heart is where your soul’s mind lies. On the path to ascend out of the earth plane, you must honor your heart. We are trained in life to listen to our mind and ego instead of our soul and spirit.

The gentle, intuitive, sensitive side of you is your soul. It is the receptacle of divine information from the Universe. Your soul comes here to Earth to learn, grow, expand and experience life. When you are lost on your journey, it is best to turn inward to your heart and upward to the Universe. Checking in with your heart will get you back on a spiritual path. As you experience all that your soul has contracted with you on Earth, you ascend.

Your spiritual path lives in your heart. Much of your joys, memories and ideas of experiences here reside in our heart center. When we focus on our heart, we find our will, our dreams and desires. Your heart is like your spirit brain, and where your soul desires lie dormant. The surface heart may have fears and misinformation about who you really are, but your soul knows your truth.
Why is our heart center so suppressed here in 3D? This is part of the game. The darkness, pain and destruction on Earth gives us a contrast as to what we really want in our life. If everything was all joy and love, we wouldn’t grow as quickly. The challenges to overcome will eventually bring in more light. Light is knowledge and awareness, and awareness will lead to freedom. The duality of Earth helps us see opportunities for growth from different angles.

The deeper energetic heart known as your heart chakra is where your dreams and desire lie. The more you meditate, the more your heart chakra opens, and your spirit heart expands. This is why when we meditate, we fold our hands in prayer touching our heart with our thumbs. We are nudging our mind to remember the heart and honoring that sacred space. The beginnings of download from the divine and our higher self will begin to come through. The truth about you will soon be revealed and your heart becomes your guiding force. You realize you are precious, important and you have a reason for being here and a purpose to fulfill. Love is the energy of the heart and of creation. You create life through your heart and you also can create your path.
We are used to dismissing our heart intentions for our material gain. Objects and things that we cannot bring back to the other side. All souls are here to ascend upward, not descend downward. We get trapped on the earth plane investing in projections of lack and convince ourselves that our mind fears are our truth. Your ego may fill your head with fear, doubt, anxiety and stagnancy. These are hurdles to overcome and is part of the universal plan.

If we want to evolve spiritually, we must connect to the truth within. This may become a new practice as we balance our head with our heart to manifest. After a while, our heart’s desire will become second nature and we will live our true path.

The planet is evolving to a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. As we approached the heart center of the galaxy which happened in 2012, our global hearts opened. An understanding arose that we are connected to the cosmic heart. In 2012, the planet ended a 26,000-year cycle throughout the Milky Way galaxy and we landed back in the heart center. When it was said 2012 would be the “end of times”, we can interpret that as the end of times as we know it.

When you move with your heart, you usually do things that you love and it feels like there is no time. If you like gardening, you could do it all day. Of if you like to paint or create, you go into a zone of creativity for hours. Years later in 2020, our global crowns were opened as the coronavirus surfaced. “Corona” means crown and we can say that our crown chakra was open. When your crown opens, you have to listen to truth. Being quarantined in the house and having to stand still forces us to stop and listen. Many began searching for what in God’s name was happening. The world slowed down to hear their heart and receive downloads through their crown. Grief and loss of life also opens the heart. A “broken” heart can push people to realize their inner truth and to spend more earth time doing loving things and leaving horrible things.
We are being called to listen to those inner urgings. We are learning our heart holds the seeds to our spiritual salvation. The universe is emphasizing the need to move into a more spiritual life. Life is a mere dress rehearsal for the ego to evolve our soul in the performance of its life. Listen to your heart, watch for signs and honor heart-centered living.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healer center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield. Connect at 323-782-9085 (text), or @Conscious_CreationsCT on Instagram. See ad, page 19.

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Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW

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