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The Lips Don’t Lie

Feb 01, 2023 09:00AM ● By Martin Miron
Hilda Demirjian, owner of the Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center for 25 years, offers collagen laser treatments, acne laser, scar treatment, pigmentation treatment, age spot treatment for males and females, and collagen skin tightening for the face, neck and body. She says, “We have clients as young as 12 for teenage acne and laser hair removal up to 91 years old for collagen laser skin tightening.”

For those unhappy with the appearance of their lips overall, she suggests collagen laser lip treatment to stimulate natural collagen instantly. For wrinkling lips, she advises, “Well, as we age, we are definitely losing the collagen (a protein) in our body. Also, the exposure to sun, wind, UVA, UVB, climate and smoking cause lips to be wrinkled and dry.”

She notes, “Injectables are invasive and sometimes painful, and they paralyze the muscles. Laser lip treatments are non-invasive, holistic, and have an organic approach for healthy-looking and smoother lips. I performed this treatment on my lips three years ago and I received a lot of compliments from people. Also, I did perform these treatments on my staff and they are very satisfied with the results. It is a quick treatment with no pain.”

During the 20-minute treatments, Demirjian runs the laser, which is painless, on the lips. “According to their lip shape, I must run the laser with a different angle. However, there are no ingredients. Laser is an infrared light and will penetrate through your lips and enhance your lips instantly. There are no substances at all,” she says. The lips will immediately look moist and full and after about two weeks the tissue will be rejuvenated.

“I highly advise our guests to use our Collagen-Elastin Gel with Apple Stem Cells AM and PM at home. One percent of this gel will stimulate 80 percent of your skin’s natural collagen. Now this exclusive gel is not only for the lips, but also for the full face, including eyes and skin tightening,” says Demirjian.

Laser lip treatments are also for men. “The fact is that 40 percent of our clients are men, and I highly advise them to take advantage of this non-invasive and holistic treatment. I have performed this treatment on my existing clients and they are extremely satisfied with the results,” she reports.

Demirjian also works with a gynecologist surgeon in Stamford, Connecticut, performing surgical laser under her supervision. After receiving training from Candela Corporation nationally and internationally, she started training medical professionals and med spa owners for aesthetic laser, skin care and med spa business advice.

Initial consultations are free. The Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center is located at 34 S. Broadway, Ste. 607, in White Plains, NY. For appointments and more information, call 914-374-1756 or visit See ad, page 22.

Hilda Demirjian

Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center - 34 S Broadway Suite 607, White Plains, NY

Since 1974, Hilda Demirjian has been a leader in the use of laser collagen treatments for better, younger looking skin. Effective on the face, neck and body for fine lines, wrinkles, sun ... Read More »