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Welcome to the Global Year of 7: How Will 2023 Affect You Personally?

Feb 28, 2023 09:00AM ● By Greer Jonas

The Global Year of 7 is not a year for a spiritual retreat. Those who know a bit of numerology will say that the 7 (2+0+2+3=7) has a meditative, and often inward energy of spirituality. Its very essence seeks out the unknown and the unique. But, it appears that this energy is morphing out of its isolation this year.

Last Year, The Year of the Twos

Let’s step back to 2022, the year of three 2s. We won’t see that again in our lifetime. The 2 and the 6 (the sum of 2+2+2) are yin numbers—all about relationships, compassion and matters of the heart. You might be wondering about this statement looking at last year, and scratching your head. Really?

Baby steps. In this unsteady world, I did feel safer, and more out there in the public. Less isolated in my home with fewer prerequisites to wearing a mask everywhere. The world seems to be coming alive again—with people connecting on the streets of New York, rather than running home.

The other piece of a Global Year number is dealing with the shadow. The shadow of 6 is “worry”. “What will happen to me and my business?” The lesson of the 6 is to trust and step out, even when it is not comfortable.

What Will 2023 Bring to Us?

2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7. Numerology examines the unique energy of the Global 7. Ah, how very different from the feminine, supportive yin energy of the 6. The vibration of 7 combines yin and yang and seeks the energy of spirit. The number 7 is typically contemplative, moving at a slow pace with a deep understanding of the spiritual and unique aspects of life. Seven looks at the unknown rather than the obvious.

Pay attention, my friends, as we have shifted to a world of Zoom meetings and ordering from Amazon. Many of us have lost the necessity to communicate in person. The energy of the 7 this year will not just have us meditate and slow down, examining the meaning of life.

This Global 7 year is an activator, offering us the opportunity to change, evolve and uniquely take action. That is if we choose to participate instead of the shadow, which is to isolate.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year in 2023

Each person has a different theme based on their birthday numbers as well as their outlook on life. To calculate your personal number theme in 2023, add each number of your birth month and day to the current year, and reduce the sum. If you were born on April 28, your calculation for the 2023 global year would look like this:

 When the sum adds to a master number, like 11 or 22, you do not reduce because it is a very high vibration and will be a powerful year for you.

Personal Year Themes for 2023

It’s your turn. Calculate your personal year in 2023 and read the description below. Think: based on the theme of my personal year number, what can be a unique vision and action to take now? 

1. A year of new beginnings, leadership, taking action and inspiring others.

2. Forming relationships of all kinds—love, business, family and cooperation.

3. A year of creative expression and uniqueness in all forms—art, music, writing, dancing and speaking.

4. A year of building something new; organization, perseverance and skill.

5. Embracing freedom and change as you share yourself with people and seek new opportunities to be present and have fun.

6. A year of compassion, birth and service with your loved ones and community. Don’t forget to love yourself.

 7. In the seven personal year, you may find yourself bonding with the inner you. It is a spiritual and intuitive period to seek the unknown with fascination. Every year, by the way, will be a double whammy for you, as you will always have the same personal year as the global year.

8. Eight is the year of charismatic leadership, abundance and empowerment.

9. The nine personal year is all about transformation, change and completion. Often feeling like a rollercoaster ride, keep your eyes open and be willing to change.

11. The master 11 year can be a powerful time of inspired ideas that make a difference—if you accept the challenge.

22. In the powerful 22 master personal year, you have the potential to strengthen or begin a relationship, build a business or begin a dynamic project.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, painter, blogger and teacher living in New York City. She has been practicing intuitive numerology for more than 30 years. Jonas works with clients around the world by appointment in person and online. Jonas is 2022’s Ommie Award Winner of the Category of Numerologist Columnist. Connect at [email protected] or

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Greer Jonas has been an intuitive numerologist for more than 30 years. She conducts readings online and in person in New York City. For more information on numerology and to make an appoi... Read More »