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Joyful Living Reiki, LLC

Gail Christie, Joyful Living Reiki

Gail Christie, Joyful Living Reiki

Joyful Living Reiki, LLC

Gail Christie, Holy Fire Reiki Master
Stamford and Mount Kisco, NY
203-979-0918 • 
[email protected]

Summary/services offered:
As a Holy Fire Usui, Karuna and World Peace Reiki Master Teacher, I help people tap into an ever-present flow of life force energy to release stress and pain and develop an enduring spiritual connection. This allows them to live healthy, focused, joy-filled lives. I provide virtual and in-person Reiki healing sessions, online Reiki-infused meditations and Holy Fire Reiki certification classes of all levels.

What drew you to this profession?
My spiritual journey started when I was just a child. I knew even then that I was meant to help people heal and had a longing for an ongoing spiritual connection. Years of meditation, Tai Chi practice, Zen training and experiencing various types of energy healing made me ready to embrace Holy Fire Reiki when it appeared.

How does your work differ from others in your profession? 
The refinement and particularly high vibration of Holy Fire energy, and my ability to provide it without an agenda, are what set my Reiki practice apart from others. My clients often remark on the profound sense of peace, comfort, balance and renewal it provides.

What should someone expect from working with you?
I provide a safe, welcoming, nurturing space which helps my clients receive healing on all levels. My Reiki certification classes are profoundly healing experiences and more comprehensive than most. They also provide a clear path for spiritual development to those who make Holy Fire Reiki a part of their lives.

What changes do you have planned for 2023?
I look forward to continuing my connection with people all over the country and all over the world through my online meditations, session and trainings. I was also recently certified as an Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapist (IET) and am adding the pure, targeted IET angel healing to certain sessions. This will help clients heal and release past patterns and emotions and empower them to move into the future with greater confidence and ease.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know?
My whole life is an expression of Reiki, compassion and unconditional love. My greatest joy is helping people go from feeling overwhelmed, isolated or in pain to feeling cared for, spiritually supported and on their way to a new level of healing. Take time to join me for Reiki. Take time to do what makes your soul happy. See ad, page 2.

Joyful Living Reiki LLC - 55 Three Lakes Dr Stamford CT

Joyful Living Reiki, LLC - 55 Three Lakes Dr, Stamford, CT

“I am committed to love, health and joy... experiencing them, expressing them and helping other people heal through sharing the universal life force energy of Reiki. My mission is to help... Read More » 


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