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The Resurgence of the Divine Masculine

May 31, 2023 11:00AM ● By Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW

What is the Divine masculine? We have heard so much about the Divine feminine, but the Divine masculine has been a bit marginalized. The Divine masculine is the pioneering, assertive, protection, strong and innovation energy that was part of the God principle. The Divine feminine is the nurturing, intuitive, loving, caring and creator energy that is now emerging stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the masculine energy has been dominant on the planet for several thousands of years and without the balance of the feminine, this created the unbalanced patriarchal system. This made the energy turn into aggressive, abusive, self-centered, war-like and domineering.

For the planet to sustain in harmony, we need a balance of the two. Even Hollywood promotes this aggressive image of the masculine with violence, guns and warfare in movies. There are also video games that encourage this out-of-control energy, like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Not exactly what the God principle was supposed to be. The unbalanced masculine has conditioned men to not be sensitive, cry or have strong emotional feelings. If the male wins the game, the girl or accumulates lots of money, anyone else who doesn’t meet up to that level is considered second best and a loser. All others are shunned and pushed by the waste side.

The masculine and feminine energy is not just in gender, but is how you put things out in the world. There are many women who carry a lot of masculine energy and the abusive male agenda. There are also very sensitive and creative men with very feminine, loving energy. Many people have both energies inside of them.

When you balance the male and female energy in yourself, you balance the energy of the universe. The universe needs this balance to live in a higher state of consciousness, or 5D. The balance of receptive energy from the universe as ideas and inspirations is the creative yin energy; putting the energy out into the world through pioneering and building is the male, yang energy. When these two energies dance together, you open up your third eye. You begin to create more consciously on the earth plane. The energy connection of the masculine and feminine need one another to create on earth. You grasp the ideas and then work hard to put them into fruition.

The Universe is built on balance. The energy of creation and destroyer is strong on this planet. The contrast of the two opposing energies create form on the earth plane. If everything was all love and light, there would be no motivation to overcome obstacles of negative experiences. The hurdles we conquer give more spiritual strength and growth.

Symbolically, the earth plants seeds that sprout in spring and then in winter, everything is destroyed. This contrast of the earth was set up for souls to come here and to grow and then die, which is really being reborn into the realm of heaven. There is no contrast of negative and positive in heaven where souls reside. There is love and light and knowledge all around. When knowledge and truth is easily accessible, there is no need to have contrast and conflict for growth.

Many men are having a hard time managing this newfound energy of the Divine feminine as they are re-evaluating the Divine masculine. Men who are sensitive and supportive may have found that some women don’t find them attractive. There is a common theme that women like the “bad boy” and look down upon the “nice guy”. The dominant view of the masculine was defined as a player—cutthroat, competitive and selfish.

As the Divine masculine becomes more relevant, there is confusion as to the new position of the male. How does a man fit in if a woman makes her own money? What if the dad stays home, is that not masculine? When women work, how do men in traditional roles fit in? Gender roles and energy are being challenged in society as you see in many ways. Maybe that is why there is a rise in gender awareness occurring in society.

There are many ways to look at the Divine masculine. This is just one way. The planet and universe are working on balance—whether it be race, culture or gender. The more we become aware of the ever-changing flow of energy of the universe and ever-changing roles and traditions, we grow in more harmony and peace.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healing center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield. Connect at 323-782-9085 (text), or @Conscious_CreationsCT on Instagram. See ad, page 4.

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