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Welcome to Earth School

Jul 31, 2023 10:00AM ● By Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW

We are here on Earth to learn and grow—as attendees of Earth School. We are here learning skills for our Soul to expand consciousness. The headmaster of this school is the Universe, and the students are spirits masquerading as humans experiencing life. This is why when we go to advanced schooling, we call it a university.

Earth is a very advanced education for the Soul. The Universe is the creator of Earth and of you. The same substances and gases that make up the universe are in you.

What is the Universe? You may call it God, Allah, Jehovah, Wakan Tanka (Native American) or Source. It is the beginning and the end. The Universe is a living being of light and energy that is responsible for sending you to Earth and will take you out when you are done. Some say it is our Father in heaven and Earth is our Mother.

The Universe is alive and conscious. If you ask the universe a question it will respond to you in symbols, signs, messages and synchronicities. Like a good professor, the Universe is here to teach. Dreams are the way that Source sends you symbols and messages to your Soul to help you on your path. You may want to get a good dream journal to understand these messages and prompts on lessons about Earth life.

While we are on Earth, there are tons of experiences that you have that help you learn how to grow. We have lessons and homework, big presentations and projects. The lessons will keep repeating until we get a passing grade. A lesson could be surviving abuse; your test would be to learn how to stand up for yourself by leaving, getting to a safe place and embracing self-love. If you accomplish this lesson, you then develop different spiritual attributes like strength, courage and resilience.

You may also be a person who has some sort of disability. Then, with perseverance and endurance you gain more attributes or gifts. You may develop awareness, empathy and sensitivity. As we live our life through the mentality of it as a school, then we are encouraged to go toward what is right, light and what is good. We gain more light knowledge and return back home more fulfilled.

While you are in school, you must attend class to pass. That means paying attention to the lessons. On Earth School, to ascend you always must do your schoolwork and assignments. Some school assignments could be meditation, listening to your spirit, learning how to let go or forgive others. Lessons could also be creating your heart’s desires or leaving toxic environments.

Creating is like making a school presentation. They are important assignments. Creating books, dances, food, clothes and music. Creativity is an important part of school. Art class is often a favorite class in education. Art helps you to learn how to use your creative right brain side. That helps you be more creative with family or at work and is a great way to problem solve in life. We are natural creators like Source. We are here practicing that gift. Call on Angels and guides if your lessons get too hard.

Don’t skip class in Earth School, because you will fall behind. Skipping class could be getting caught up in addictions and self-abuse or abuse of others. Addictions could be drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc. Addictions take you out of the present moment and have you focus on maladaptive behaviors in the future that will lead you to devolution and not evolution. There are still lessons to overcome. We are on Earth to learn and grow and move forward, graduating to a higher plane of existence or ascension.

As we move from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, which is the time of creating more in society, we should be more conscious that we are in school. This is a tough school for the Soul—as hard as an Ivy League education. If you are conscious of these lessons and learn them, they will disappear. You then will continue to grow and graduate, perhaps never reincarnating on this planet. Your soul will become more and more peaceful and feel more comfortable in your Earth skin and be able to breathe.

Earth is a school where everyone passes, so get out your notebook and get to work.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healing center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield. Connect at 323-782-9085 (text), or @Conscious_CreationsCT on Instagram. See ad, page 4.

Carolyn Coleridge LCSW - 34 Jerome Ave  Ste 220 Bloomfield CT

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW - 34 Jerome Ave , Ste 220, Bloomfield, CT

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