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When Life Happens

Aug 31, 2023 10:00AM ● By Andrea Garin Kopilak

Life happens. People move, kids graduate, people we love get sick, relationships suffer and the unexpected happens to us when we least expect it.

What do we do when life happens? How do we show up? How do we stay the course when the road gets so bumpy, we may want to brake or step aside?

During these trying times, we may learn so many lessons, including but not limited to:

• The importance of surrounding ourselves with people who love and support us.

• The importance of taking care of ourselves so we can try to show up as best as we can and care for those who need us.

• How important it is to have grace, slow down, recognize how we feel (the positive and negative emotions) and what we need, even when there is so much to do.

• The power of reflection, curiosity and perspective taking.

• The value of remembering what is important to us.

• The confidence we gain from looking for what we are doing well, counting the small progress we have made and the strengths we have that can keep us moving forward in the direction we choose.

It is not easy. We get it wrong, often. And when we get it right, how can we celebrate our progress and savor the feelings?

Taking the time to think with another person may help build awareness so you can get back in touch with what is important to you and how you may try to balance it all. The bottom line is, feeling supported is key to our well-being. Feeling we are not alone, that someone really sees and hears us, may make all the difference we need.

Andrea Garin Kopilak is a Positive Psychology/Well-being coach and founder of Connect2Flourish, LLC. She holds an MA in Educational Communications and Technology from NYU, an Advanced Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from UPenn, extensive awareness coach training from Mentor Coach and Positive Psychology Coach training from Positive Acorn. She is currently working toward International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialing and is an active member of the global and local organization. Connect at See Community Resource Guide Listing, page 45. 

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