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Four Reasons to Combine Alternative Health with Traditional Medicine

Sep 30, 2023 03:00PM ● By Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW

Traditional Medicine (TM) is an effective and efficient way to help heal people of ills, ailments, cuts and accidents. TM can manage and treat severe physical trauma. It is here to stay. However, just like everyone does not like the same food, not everyone can take the same medication or tolerate the same treatments. 

Alternative health provides another way for people from vast different backgrounds to get the healing they need. We now live in a global world. Cultures, traditions and people are intermixing now and some treatments may feel foreign to people who grew up in different environments. The following are four reasons why alternative health is needed in traditional medicine. 

1. Embracing our uniqueness:

Different people heal in different ways. We have a multiethnic and cultural world and communities. People’s different history, trauma and genetics affect what can work for them. Traditional methods of healing were originally very linear, working with just the physical body system. But people from other cultures have worked with the whole body and soul for centuries for full-body healing.

For example, acupuncture, reiki and qigong help people to resonate with their ancestral, physical and historical trauma. Many people are coming into this lifetime to heal ancestral pain. This is stored in the cellular, physical and energetic body. Traditional medicine won’t always heal the genetic preprograms. The book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD, discusses how beliefs affect health. Since acupuncture heals the inflammation in the meridians in the soul body, there is more of a chance it will help clients’ cellular memories. The movement of qigong will also heal, and the energy of reiki can heal the soul body of an individual.

2. Calming the mind: Mindfulness meditation is a great method to calm the mind. Anxiety and depression are feelings that are buried from the past and fear of the future. Mindfulness helps people to learn to stay in the present moment. If you are ruminating about the past, you can become depressed. If you have chronic fear of the future, you can become anxious. These belief systems program your mind to draw in those traumas and pains from those past frequencies.

Meditation can begin to erase those horrible memories and those future fears. Meditation also helps with releasing physical tension in the body—lowering blood pressure and learning how not to catastrophize your life. It can help you download your soul memories to start to help you move forward and learn your purpose in life. Meditation is a wonderful tool to unplug from life and to get out of the fantasy worlds of social media that programs people to create a non-substantive reality.

3. Treating deep soul issues: Psychotherapy is the traditional treatment of mental health. It can be helpful to those who have emotional traumas and pain. Some souls on the planet have multi-level soul issues. Some heartache can be from past life memories that may come as gender and/or cultural issues, deep traumas from challenges that do not fit into any simple diagnosable category.

Plant medicine may help to ease soul traumas. Some people may be drawn to limpias and smudging with sage to clear their energetic fields and help recalibrate their spirit. Shamanism, which is found in many indigenous cultures, helps to go to the core of an emotional trauma and work with their shadow self—not just what is presented this lifetime. Every generation brings more awareness of their soul essence. Dancing and singing with a call and response has a long history of healing within Black culture. Soul healing is thought of daily. The planet is evolving and so are the people who are incarnating here. Many alternative methods target these transitions.

4. Nature as a healer: It has been documented that people who spend time in nature do better in life. There is the term forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological method of spending time in the woods. The elements of nature help balance us. It helps with lowering stress, blood pressure and anxiety and depression. Two hours of nature sounds a day help to activate 650 DNA segments in our body that are wired for healing.

Our body can naturally heal by communing with nature, using essential oils and breathing healthy air. Nature, along with traditional mental health, is quite impressive as a collaborative method of well-being.

Traditional Medicine is a staple in the world for medical treatment because it is traditional. But now during the Aquarian age, we are creating and merging different ways to heal. We need to merge things together and create new paradigms of treatment. We can go to an MD, then get an acupuncturist treatment and spend time in nature. Eating whole, natural foods without all of the preservatives in so many foods can also assist.

Collaboration and cooperation will be the new paradigm for healing as mandatory treatment—and not just alternative.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healing center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield. Connect at 323-782-9085 (text), or @Conscious_CreationsCT on Instagram. See ad, page 2.

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