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Harnessing the Healing Power of Traditional World Medicine: Exploring Amazonian and Global Herbal Remedies in Western Lifestyles

Sep 30, 2023 03:00PM ● By Rev. Dr. Jessica Scofield Chichester

In our fast-paced world, advanced medical innovations sometimes overshadow the age-old wisdom shared by cultures globally. Traditional medicines, drawing from plants and herbs, have long been health keystones in many societies. Join us as we dive deep into herbal medicine, highlighting Amazonian treasures and their place in Western lifestyles.

Across the globe, different cultures champion their unique herbal remedies. From Ayurveda in India, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Native American herbal practices, to remedies of Amazonian tribes, each culture’s philosophy stems from nature’s healing power and generations of wisdom.

Ayurveda: The Science of Life

Originating over 5,000 years ago in India, Ayurveda focuses on the balance of mind, body and spirit. Central to its practices are herbs like turmeric, neem and ashwagandha. By welcoming Ayurveda, you could be adding these herbs to your meals, taking supplements, or using skincare products infused with their goodness. Known as adaptogens, these can assist with stress, inflammation and infections, and even enhance hair and skin health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

More than 2,500 years old, TCM centers on balancing the body’s “qi” or energy. Key herbs include ginseng, ginger and astragalus, which are perfect for cooking or crafting herbal teas. These herbs support digestion, serotonin and dopamine production, immunity, and even help regulate blood sugar.

Native American Herbalism

Native American remedies highlight the deep bond between humans and nature. They utilize plants like sage, cedar and sweetgrass, often in smudging ceremonies, to foster healing and spiritual growth. When dried and burned as smudge, these herbs are said to purify, promote healing and grant wisdom and protection.

Amazonian Tribal Remedies

The Amazon, with its diverse tribes, is a treasure trove of medicinal plants. Noteworthy remedies include Una de gato (cat’s claw), sangre de grado (dragon’s blood) and ayahuasca, along with its cactus counterpart, Huachuma. Recognized for their effectiveness, these remedies tackle a variety of health concerns, both physical and spiritual. Amazonian herbs are believed to offer benefits like joint health, immunity boosts and even help with trauma, addictions and PTSD.

How to Integrate Traditional Herbal Medicine into Western Living

Understanding this global array of herbal solutions, here is how you can make them a part of your daily Western routine.

• Herbal Supplements. Taking supplements is a direct way to introduce traditional herbs into your regimen. It’s essential to choose reputable brands, be it for turmeric pills or sangre de grado extracts. For potent medicines like Ayahuasca and Huachuma, it is advisable to seek experienced practitioners, as they require careful handling and expertise.

•Herbal Teas. Herbal teas are a delightful gateway to the herbal world. Whether you’re sipping on calming chamomile or enjoying the digestive benefits of peppermint, there is a blend for everyone.

• Culinary Adventures. Infuse your meals with a touch of global flair. Introduce herbs from world cuisines, like Thai lemongrass or spices from the Amazon, to elevate both taste and health. Try something new and cook beyond the scope of recipes. Adding coconut milk to dishes can strengthen the taste and savory sweetness of the verbs you’re using.

• Aromatherapy. Experience the wide-ranging benefits of essential oils, from the calming properties of lavender to eucalyptus’s respiratory aids. Diffuse them or apply topically for best results. Always verify the origin of the essential oil you’re considering. Due to a lack of strict regulations, an oil labeled as “organic” may only contain 5 percent organic ingredients. Investigate your supplier thoroughly. If you find a trustworthy source, you might be able to use the oil both internally and externally for diverse therapeutic advantages. Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated; one brand, for instance, uses 50,000 rose buds just to produce 5mL of oil. Never overlook the potency of essential oils.

• Mindfulness and Meditation. Traditional practices from Buddhism or yoga can be integrated for mental serenity and clarity. Incorporating these into your daily practice can help soothe the mind and elevate your frequency.

• Gardening. Growing and caring for medicinal herbs allows you to directly connect with nature’s healing properties. Herbs such as basil and rosemary are versatile, catering to both the kitchen and medicine cabinet. Engaging in gardening and feeling the earth’s energy can bring about a feeling of tranquility and a deeper connection to the world around us.

Blending time-tested herbal wisdom from the heart of the Amazon to the vast landscapes of Asia with our Western lives opens doors to nature’s innate healing abilities. Through supplements, teas or meditation, there’s a plethora of paths to a more holistic health approach. By uniting the modern with the ancient, we not only strike a balanced life but also honor the enduring wisdom of those who came before us and the knowledge of how to heal ourselves.

Rev. Dr. Jessica Scofield Chichester, renowned in health and spiritual sciences for 25+ years, a Hall of Fame athlete and Kundalini coach, co-founds Haute Healing Oasis. Her expertise shines in leading life-changing plant medicine retreats with indigenous healers and doctors, guiding profound healing and self-discovery in South America. Connect at 203-595-5304, [email protected] and

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