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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Discover Joy and Empowerment at ‘Presence the Retreat’

Do you often find yourself caught in the endless cycle of healing, making it challenging to be truly present in the here and now? Many individuals share this sentiment, feeling stuck and disconnected from the full experience of life. If you are tired of the constant search for what is wrong and want to break free from these cycles, “Presence the Retreat” is the answer you’ve been seeking.

Hosted by Kara Goss and Megan Toner on November 11, from 10am to 5pm at the Franco-American Civic & Social Center, in Windham, this retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with your heart, find joy in life and rediscover your divine soul. You will learn to embrace every moment, no matter what it brings, and connect with the peace and wisdom that reside beneath life’s ever-changing experiences.

“Presence the Retreat” goes beyond traditional practices and empowers you to embody your joyful spirit and life. Through a day filled with movement, motivation, presence and connection, you will be equipped to shake things up and step into your life with renewed empowerment, ready to live a joyful, embodied life.

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