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Mediumship with Elizabeth Raver

Elizabeth Raver

Elizabeth Raver

Elizabeth Raver, PhD, is an evidential medium, light trance and energy worker. She is dedicated to helping others understand that communing with those in spirit is a natural and normal part of life. When properly practiced, mediumship can have profound healing effects while aiding in spiritual unfoldment. 

For example, grievers may find that mediumship helps them to maintain a sense of connection with loved ones who have transitioned. This can bring great solace and peace. Consciousness is not a by-product of the physical human brain and therefore, it is through thought and love that one can connect with those who no longer reside in a physical body.

For those seeking spiritual unfoldment beyond the confines of more traditional religious experiences, mediumship can also be helpful. Raver can help guide such seekers in the practice of mediumship and the understanding of related topics, like the law of attraction—i.e., we attract that which we are like both in the physical and nonphysical worlds. This is facilitated through discussion sessions and classes on mediumship and spirituality, mediumship sessions intended to connect seekers with loved ones and/or spiritual guides and hands-on workshops so seekers can directly experience the subtleties of spirit communication themselves.

Raver has been practicing mediumship since 2007. Her experiences include working platform to offer spirit messages, healing and sermons at Spiritualist churches; group demos at a local university; and participation as a medium-subject at Yale’s COPE project. Her own studies in mediumship include Camp Chesterfield and the Spiritualists Natural Union International, U.K. Raver offers global, convenient and safe sessions using Zoom and/or the phone. 

This winter, Raver will be offering in-person group workshops and one-on-one sessions at the New Insights Boutique located in Sandy Hook, as well as via Zoom. Sometimes arrangements can be made to meet in person if a client lives in the Connecticut or lower New York area.

For more information, call 203-400-9212, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 23. 

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Elizabeth Raver DeCesare, PhD - NA, Trumbull, CT

Evidential Psychic Medium, PhD Psychology, Loving Heart Connections Facilitator (, American Association of Psychics ( and Holistic... Read More » 


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