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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

January 2024 Letter From Publisher

Dec 31, 2023 09:00AM ● By Erica Mills
Erica Mills

Erica Mills

Welcome to 2024! It brings me immense joy to share the first edition of Natural Awakenings for the New Year with all of you. Whether you have been a devoted reader for years or are just discovering our magazine, I extend my warmest wishes for a year filled with health and prosperity.

This year marks the 19th anniversary of publishing Natural Awakenings in our community, and I want to express my deep gratitude for the continued support from our incredible readers and advertisers. Your unwavering enthusiasm for natural health and well-being is the driving force behind what makes this magazine so special and enables it to flourish.

As we collectively navigate the journey of aging, the importance of maintaining vibrant health and activity becomes increasingly evident. Our desire to extend our health span, parallel to our lifespan, is essential. While genetics play a role, the impact of mindset, physical activity, stress management, and diet on the aging process is underscored by advancements in science. You will find that there are several articles in this issue that emphasize the significance of redefining aging, finding deeper meaning, and embracing it with grace and gratitude—a perfect focus for the new year ahead. 

I encourage you to explore the article on page 20, titled “Understanding the Importance of Hunger and Fullness as an Intuitive Eater.” This piece delves into the challenges of intuitive eating amidst the pervasive influence of diet culture, emphasizing the difficulties in following hunger and fullness cues due to societal pressures. It also highlights the consequences of overriding hunger signals and provides valuable insights into respecting the body’s fullness.

As you peruse this edition, you will notice the refreshed look of Natural Awakenings. We are committed to continuous improvement and evolution to better serve your needs. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions at [email protected].

In the spirit of growth and connection, I extend an invitation to recommend new distribution locations where we can share this valuable resource. Let’s collectively spread the message of holistic well-being to friends, neighbors, and colleagues, inviting them to embark on the new year with a fresh perspective.

Thank you for being an integral part of our Natural Awakenings community. Here’s to a year filled with inspiration, discovery, and vibrant health! We look forward to connecting with you in 2024.