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Improve Quality of Life Holistically with Bodywork Docs

Dr. Anu Kurra and Dr. Michael Betler

Bodywork Docs is a holistic pain management practice in Westport that was created to improve quality of life for everyday people suffering with pain and restricted motion. The founders, Dr. Anu Kurra and Dr. Michael Betler, created Bodywork Docs based on a shared passion for practicing ethical and responsible medicine. They believe in empowering you, the patient, to make simple lifestyle changes to help with the healing process.

Dr. Betler uses Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, or OMT, to realign the spine, muscles and connective tissue. Correcting imbalances results in decreased pain and return to optimal function. Malalignment of the spine, muscle spasms and tension in the connective tissue anywhere in the body can cause pain or can result in organ dysfunction. These common issues can adversely affect the nervous system as well as other organ systems. OMT has been well studied as a technique for improving both musculoskeletal as well as organ system dysfunction.

Dr. Kurra, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, utilizes her knowledge of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to heal inflammation after injury or surgery. This usually involves hands-on techniques, including dry needling and soft-tissue release, along with a home rehabilitation program.

For more information, call 203-651-5090, email [email protected] or visit Location: 215 Main St, Westport. See ad, page 8.

Bodywork Docs - 215 Main Street Westport CT

Bodywork Docs - 215 Main Street, Westport, CT

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