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Numerology with Chazz

Chazz Morris

Chazz Morris

Numerology is the timetable of the cycles of your life. If the life cycles presented to you are implemented correctly, the life will bloom. However, it does not take too much negativity to ruin a cycle. 

“It is too late to avoid trouble once trouble has begun. Therefore, it is wise to know and plan ahead. There is a time and place for everything,” explains Numerologist Chazz, who will translate the unique language of your own personal numbers and advise you accordingly. “Numerical cycles flow like the tides of the ocean. They come and go, switching rapidly. Those with insight will flourish emotionally, spiritually and materialistically. Others may be tossed about like a leaf on the crest of a wave.”

The ancient science of Numerology is both reliable and trustworthy. The knowledge of your numbers enables you to avoid pitfalls and pursue the positive points. Numerology renders insight into the very study of life itself. “Why are we here? What is expected of us?” These are unavoidable questions.

Chazz would like to provide everyone with useful, necessary information in order to make informed personal decisions in life. Chazz is available for telephone consultations or onsite for special fun occasions.

For more information and to make an appointment, call 718-757-0306 or email
[email protected].

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Chazz Morris, Professional Numerologist

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