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7E Fit Spa Carries Vita Juwel Gemwater Bottles

Stamford’s 7eFit Spa celebrated its first anniversary recently and owner Tracey Scalzi continues to upgrade the spa’s offerings. Visitors will now find a new poplar far infrared sauna—the only one in Stamford—as well as new Vita Juwel Gemwater bottles.

Vita Juwel Gemwater bottles are based on the understanding that water can be restructured or “informed” and that crystals may be used to infuse energy and intention into water. The practice itself is ancient, but Vita Juwel has created glass vials that contain different blends of crystals, following tested and tried “recipes”. In the past, gems were put directly in the water to prepare gemwater or “crystal elixirs” and therefore had to be cleaned regularly. Besides the cleaning issue, some stones may also emit hazardous substances (e.g. bedrock) and those contaminations were consumed along with the water. Some healing crystals that can be used in external applications without a problem may release toxic substances if they are placed directly in water.

Vita Juwel devised a way to avoid those issues by using gem vials which seal the gems in the glass vial and infuse the water without having direct physical contact, Scalzi explains. Vita Juwel gem vials are made from lead-free glass and hand-picked gems. Several different gem blends are offered, tested by naturopaths and based on the insights of modern crystal healing.

7eFit Spa carries an assortment of the Vita Juwel bottles and decanters and Scalzi says others may easily be ordered.

For more information, call 203-356-5822, email 7eFitSpaCT1@gmail.com or visit 7eFitSpa.com. Location: 1492 High Ridge Rd, Stamford. See ad, page 4.

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