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Dr. Gruber’s New Wellness Inventory

Gary Gruber

Dr. Gruber’s New Wellness Inventory

Naturopathic Medicine strives to build a patient-centered, holistic model of medicine. In this spirit Dr. Gary Gruber is offering a new self-assessment program called The Wellness Inventory, a holistic life-balancing program designed to help you gain personal insight into your state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The program offers guidance and tools to transform this new awareness into lasting changes and a renewed sense of health and wellbeing. The program is designed to be accessed on your computer in the comfort of your home. The Wellness Inventory Program offers participants an opportunity to identify the areas of life most needing change; create and follow a personalized wellness plan; learn more efficient ways to make changes; enhance the ability to respond to stress; learn to better manage energy; create new balance; achieve a higher level of vitality, health and wellbeing, and enjoy the process of building success.

The cost of an annual subscription is $40. Visit Contact Dr. Gary Gruber at 202.966.6360 or [email protected] for more information.

Coming in NOVEMBER
Deadline: The 12th of the month. Contact [email protected] for cheerful and efficient help with your marketing!
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