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Pediatric & Autism Clinic Opens at UB Clinics, University of Bridgeport

UB Clinics

Pediatric & Autism Clinic Opens at UB Clinics, University of Bridgeport

You love your children and you want to do everything for them so they can live a long, healthy life. There is a surge across the nation to utilize natural medicine in addition to what your pediatrician suggests. However, many parents don't know what to use that's natural or what's safe for their children.

 Dr. Jared M. Skowron is a national expert in natural medicine for children. In January, 2010 he created the Pediatric & Autism Clinic in the UB Clinics at University of Bridgeport. Focusing on providing natural healthcare through nutrition, vitamins, homeopathy, and education about raising a healthy child, Dr. Skowron has helped thousands of children by curing colds, asthma, eczema, stomach complaints, ADHD, and a hundred other health conditions.

 The clinic also specializes in the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) biomedical therapy for autism. While most DAN! doctors charge $1,000 for each visit, Dr. Skowron and his team are offering natural healthcare to all children for less than an average co-pay. Parents in the Bridgeport area have been flocking to UB Clinics with their children.

 Dr. Skowron explains that the Pediatric & Autism Clinic thoroughly analyzes each child providing nutritional analysis, physical exams, and educates parents about the wonders of herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics, so that they know how to raise their child to be healthy. He states, "Research shows long-term health problems start when children are young. By treating your child today, naturally, you are giving them a life-time of health."

UB Clinics - Pediatric & Autism Clinic is located at 60 Lafayette Street in Bridgeport. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 203.576.4349.