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Whole-Body Medicine Welcomes Dr. David Brady

Dec 19, 2010 09:47PM

Dr. David Brady

Whole-Body Medicine Welcomes Dr. David Brady

Trumbull’s Whole-Body Medicine, LLC, announces the addition of Dr. David Brady, licensed Naturopathic Physician, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Brady will focus on Metabolic and Functional Medicine, Endocrinology, including thyroid and adrenal issues, gastro-intestinal issues (such as IBS) and long-term fatigue concerns. In addition to seeing patients at Whole-Body Medicine, Dr. Brady also serves as Vice Provost of the Division of Health Sciences at the University of Bridgeport, where he has served as an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences in the College of Naturopathic Medicine and College of Chiropractic for seven years and as the Director of the Human Nutrition Institute for five. Dr. Brady is also the Chief Medical Officer of Designs for Health, Inc. a nutritional supplement and nutraceutical manufacturer for nutritional professionals. He has been a leading nutritional product formulator and clinical consultant to some of the most innovative nutraceutical companies and clinical laboratories in the country. An international lecturer, Dr. Brady has appeared on the panel of numerous major scientific conferences in the field of nutritional and integrative medicine. He is also the author of the consumer education book, Dr. Brady’s Healthy Revolution, What You Really Need to Know to Stay Healthy in a Sick World.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brady, please stop by the front desk at Whole-Body Medicine, 5520 Park Avenue, Suite 301 in Trumbull or call 203.371.8258. Visit