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The Graduate Institute: A “Third Place” for Dynamic Learning

Dec 19, 2010 09:47PM

The Graduate Institute

The Graduate Institute: A “Third Place” for Dynamic Learning

In The Great Good Place, urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg describes the importance of public gathering places – “third places” - where people can connect with others outside home and work. Such a third place, Oldenburg suggested, is necessary to individual happiness, as it creates opportunities to relax and find respite from social pressures. Whether a bar, coffee shop, library, church, or community center, third places contribute to the success of culture and society by providing time and occasion for ideas to be exchanged. With the recent opening of its first official campus in Bethany, CT, The Graduate Institute (TGI) is poised to serve as a dynamic third place for individuals from all walks of life for years to come. By providing space for gatherings with like-minded peers, TGI facilitates dialogue, debate and reflection. Most colleges and universities do not fit Oldenburg’s model, as departmentalized structures do not lend themselves to community learning. At The Graduate Institute, however, knowledge seekers will discover a third place distinct from other social and intellectual venues. The Institute’s unique Master of Arts degree programs are grounded in generative communities and invite colleagues to form an authentic confederacy. Through its cohort learning model, TGI creates a third place for lifelong learners that endures beyond the classroom.

If you are seeking a third place, consider learning at The Graduate Institute. Call the Admissions Office at 203.874.4252 or attend an Information Session soon. For more information, visit