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Dr Marvin Schweitzer's New Resonance Analysis System, Asyra

Dr. Schweitzer’s New Resonance Analysis System, Asyra

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer has enhanced his Norwalk-based practice of naturopathic medicine with the addition of a state–of-the-art resonance analysis system known as Asyra. According to homotoxicology research, disease processes first alter the body’s energetic field, which, if left unchecked, can lead to chemical changes and ultimately to tissue damage. With the new Asyra technology, Dr Schweitzer is able to help patients by re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways that run through organs, glands and tissues. Perhaps the most eye-opening discoveries with Asyra are the fact that information about how best to treat a patient’s condition is available in a matter of minutes, and the solid, actionable results Asyra produces. As Dr. Schweitzer explains, “The idea is simple. Much like a submarine using sonar, Asyra ‘pings’ the body with gentle electromagnetic frequencies. The body reacts to a good fit—or resonance—with distinctive electrical changes in the skin. These frequencies are specific to the individual. They correspond to foods, allergens, nutritional supplements and classical and amazingly comprehensive digital homeopathics, and they provide the treatment solution. Even after 25 years of practice, I am very excited by this revolutionary advance in natural medicine.”

To schedule an Asyra consultation with Dr. Schweitzer, call the Wellness Institute at 203.847.2788. Located at 1 Westport Avenue, Norwalk. Visit for more information.

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