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New Breast Cancer Screening in Monroe

Geralene Valentine

New Breast Cancer Screening in Monroe

Geralene Valentine, Certified Clinical Thermographer – ThermaMed Imaging – is joing forces with Suzanne Pyle, owner of X to Rays, LLC, in offering Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). DITI may detect cancerous activity up to 8 years before a mammogram will pick up a tumor. Since it takes years for a tumor to develop and grow, the earliest indication of abnormality is critical to allowing for the earliest possible treatment and intervention. DITI is a non-invasive clinical screening test that produces a temperature-sensitive photograph. This technique records heat patterns in the body that are invisible to both x-rays and the human eye. Thermal images may be used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as for monitoring therapy treatment.

 Breast thermograms are digital infrared scans that reveal heat and vascular patterns of the breast tissue. These patterns change when a breast tumor starts to grow. Breast cancer cells require new blood vessels to feed them nutrients and oxygen. Since thermography can see the blood supply that feeds a tumor in its microscopic infancy, the only way to possibly detect it is to establish a thermographic baseline and monitor it annually. This screening tool does not emit any radiation and is perfectly safe. It’s ideal for women who have implants, a mastectomy, a lumpectomy, or dense or fibrocystic breasts.

 In addition to thermal imaging, Geralene also works as a holistic practitioner and educator. For over 10 years she’s had a Pranic Healing® practice. She also teaches self-healing techniques at local senior citizen centers, and she offers a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

For more information or an appointment call Geralene Valentine at 203.816.1418. Her office is located at 130 Old Newtown Road in Monroe. X to Rays has additional locations throughout Connecticut. Visit for more information.