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Japanese Healing Water Arrives in Riverside

Michael Baier

Japanese Healing Water Arrives in Riverside

A technology used for 30 years in Japanese hospitals to produce restructured ionized “healing water” is now available through bodyworker Michael Baier of Riverside. The Japanese who consume this water have experienced profound health benefits and relief from many chronic conditions. General benefits commonly experienced are: more energy, improved sleep, better moods, and weight loss. Numerous peer-reviewed studies around the world document the benefits of drinking restructured ionized water, a technology only recently introduced at the consumer level in the United States. Michael Baier, a bodywork and energy medicine practitioner, has recently installed one of these devices in his Riverside office. Roughly the size of a home cappuccino maker, the machine converts ordinary tap water into “living water” with dynamic healing properties. Baier, who is 42 years old, says, “I’m amazed, I have only been drinking this water for a short time, and I feel like I have the energy of a 25-year-old again!” He offers people the opportunity to sample the water at no cost. “Since October, more than forty people have taken water with them, and the feedback I am getting about it is phenomenal. Several people have been so impressed they decided to get their own machine,” he says.

For more information about this water or to sample it for yourself, call Michael Baier at 970.420.9700.

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