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Marjorie Partch Exhibit at Pymander

Dec 19, 2010 09:46PM

Marjorie Partch Tower

Marjorie Partch Exhibit at Pymander

Inspired by nearly 40 years of study and practice in both Eastern and Western spiritual disciplines, including Zen and Japanese Buddhism, Reiki, astrology, tarot and Kabbalah, Marjorie Partch has been working on a series of digital collages paired with poems for 17 years. She will share them at Pymander Books in Norwalk on Saturday, Feb. 27 and will answer questions about her creative process.

In the spring of 2001, Marjorie’s inner guidance suggested urgently that she leave downtown Manhattan for the safety of Vermont. While this seemed to be coming out of left field, the sense of urgency was compelling enough to make her do it. “And bring your books” came through loud and clear. So she transported her cats, consulting practice, esoteric library and web design business to Vermont. Over that summer, one tarot card came up repeatedly during readings for many clients: The Tower, so much so that Marjorie was moved to create a poem and a collage, “The Lightning Struck Tower,” seen above. It was not until Sept. 11 that she understood the literal, archetypal significance of the card, which describes “The Destruction of Familiar Structures.” She explains, “We are only now really feeling the full economic impact of the dismantling of our assumptions about our policies on ‘world trade’ This kind of cataclysm is an invitation to transformation, to a truly global economy and ecology — an opportunity to re-create ourselves as individuals and a society.” See ad pg

Pymander is located at 37 Wall Street in Norwalk. Marjorie Partch’s exhibit and discussion will take place from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 27.

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