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Matrix Energetics: The Essence of Energy Medicine

Matrix Energetics: The Essence of Energy Medicine

Two years ago, naturopathic doctor and chiropractor Richard Bartlett created a stir in the scientific community with the publication of Matrix Energetics, a book that challenges conventional perceptions of reality. According to Bartlett, Matrix Energetics® is a consciousness technology based on the laws of quantum physics and focused intent. “Thousands have used this consciousness technology to create ‘healing’ for themselves, their families and even the environment in which they live,” says Bartlett.

The technology was developed after many years of research, and Bartlett says that it, “produces physically verifiable results that often defy rational explanation.”

Dr. Norman Shealy, one of the world’s leading experts in pain management and founder of the Shealy Institute, calls Matrix Energetics, “the essence of energy medicine.”

“The book Matrix Energetics demonstrated how easily we can rewrite the rules of our reality,” says Bartlett, “whether it concerns our health, our happiness or even our understanding of what is physically possible.”

Bartlett’s upcoming book, The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential, is based on his seminars. According to Bartlett, it takes readers “further into Matrix Energetics while sharing new concepts on the cutting edge of transformation.”

Dr. Richard Bartlett teaches his groundbreaking techniques across the United States. For information, visit