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A Drugless Cure for Food and Environmental Allergies

Dec 19, 2010 09:46PM ● By Mark Joachim, D.C.

A Drugless Cure for Food and Environmental Allergies

An allergy can either arise suddenly, without prior warning, creating acute symptoms such as hives, difficulty breathing, or anaphylactic shock, or they can be chronic and persistent, producing a runny nose, cough, and “bags” under the eyes. The list of ways that food, environmental and chemical allergies and sensitivities can manifest in our bodies seems endless. It includes asthma, sinusitis, hives, headaches, depression, chronic pain, bronchitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, candida, bloating and gastric symptoms, colitis, PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, ear infections, ADD/ADHD, autism and eczema.

It is estimated that more than 35 million people in the United States suffer from allergies. When exposed to allergens, these allergic individuals develop an antibody reaction, immunoglobulin E, which then causes the release of histamines that produce symptoms--hence, the common use of antihistamines to help control the symptoms. Allergic substances can be nontoxic, such as foods, grass, dogs, and pollen, or they can be toxic, such as chemicals and fumes. Individuals who are not allergic will not react, but those who have developed an allergy will react to even minute quantities of the allergen.

Virtually any substance can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. The most common allergic substances include pollen, dust mites, animal dander, mold, insect venom, certain chemicals, medication (such as penicillin) and foods. The most common food offenders are dairy, peanuts and other nuts, fish and shellfish, eggs, wheat, and soy. Allergens can affect the body by way of ingestion, inhalation, contact on the skin, or injection, and can involve any part of the body.

Allergies can be classified as “acute’ or “immediate,” when symptoms appear within seconds after exposure to an allergen, or they can be “delayed.” Delayed reactions are very commonly caused by foods, and can occur hours or even days after exposure to an allergen, since the allergen is not the food itself, but a by-product of the digestive process.

A true cure starts with the cause

Many Americans are turning to alternative healing methods these days, including alternatives to allergies. These include chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, nutritional and enzyme therapies, just to name a few. The common denominator with all of these approaches is that they set out to get to the cause of “dis-ease” in an individual’s body, rather than just treat the obvious symptoms. For example, rather than give an anti-itch cream to an individual with a food allergy that presents itself as hives, along with instructions to avoid that food, why not naturally desensitize their system to that food, so they can continue to eat it without getting hives?

BioSET (bioenergetic sensitivity and enzyme therapy) can do just that! Developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, a medical doctor, chiropractic physician, and naturopathic physician, BioSET is a revolutionary process of healing that assists in building bodily strength and vitality. It is a complete healing system that incorporates 21st century technology with the acupressure, kinesiology/muscle testing, energy medicine, applied immunology, detoxification, chiropractic, nutrition, and enzyme therapy. With BioSET, patients can permanently eliminate allergies
and sensitivities, along with many chronic health problems. BioSET provides the necessary tools for obtaining and maintaining optimal health without medication.

Four branches of healing

According to Dr. Cutler, BioSET utilizes four branches of healing:
• The first branch is organ detoxification, which enables the drainage of and purification of toxins from specific organ systems.
• The second branch is bioenergetic testing, which involves the use of muscle testing and/or electromagnetic testing, with a state-of-the-art computerized machine, for sensitivity and meridian evaluation.
• The third branch involves enzyme therapy, which incorporates proper digestion, metabolic and nutritional analysis and the use of plant enzymes to improve digestion and dietary deficiencies.
• The fourth branch involves the use of an allergy elimination technique that can permanently remove any allergy or sensitivity.

To understand how BioSET works, Dr. Cutler states that it is helpful to think of the body as an electromagnetic organism in which energy flows along invisible pathways called meridians, or channels. An allergic response is caused when these pathways are blocked by the immune response to an allergen. BioSET unblocks these pathways, thus stopping the body’s violent immune response.

Alana’s miracle

After being trained by Dr. Cutler, I went in search of a cure for eczema that was affecting Alana, a 15-month-old patient. This little girl is a beautiful redhead whose skin in the areas of her abdomen and diaper region was often so irritated from eczema that it was often redder than her hair. I had seen that when Alana ate certain foods her eczema immediately flared up. I gave Alana five BioSET treatments and added a digestive enzyme to her juice twice a day for one month, and Alana’s eczema was gone! Alana is now eleven years old, has never had another spot of eczema on her body, and has never been limited in the foods she eats. I was particularly thrilled, because this little girl is our
youngest daughter.

My success with Alana inspired me to dedicate a large part of my chiropractic practice to helping other children and adults to benefit from the BioSET Total Health Care System.

For more information about BioSET, call Dr. Joachim at his Norwalk office, 203. 838.1555 or visit .


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