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God’s Hand Is in Their Work

Dec 19, 2010 09:46PM

Chris Gay

God’s Hand Is in Their Work

Ayindisa (Eye-in-Dee-suh), which means "God's hand is in the work you do," is a socially responsible Ridgefield gift shop designed to change the lives of disadvantaged artisans one gift at a time. To further expand its mission, Ayindisa recently launched a brand new secure website, with many new user-friendly features, artisan information, and an opportunity for CT residents to save money by ordering online and picking items up at the store.

"Ayindisa was actually born and created from experiences I had while volunteering in Africa with The Forever Young Foundation eight years ago,” said founder Chris Gay, who has been asked to direct Engage Now Africa, a nonprofit partner of The Forever Young Foundation created by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Steve Young. “I am humbled, honored and excited to become a greater part of this organization," he added. This new partnership provides opportunities for those looking to volunteer on expeditions in Africa or visit with artisan producers in Ghana.

Chris wants everyone to know that their purchases really do make a difference. They help to create an economic framework that empowers artisan producers to receive equal pay and the capacity to manage and set prices, resulting in profits that truly benefit and empower the artisans.

Ayindisa is located at 18 Prospect Street in Ridgefield. Call 203.894.1115 or email [email protected] Visit their new website, for more information.