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XtoRays Founder to Learn Latest Uses

Suzanne Pyle

XtoRays LLC with locations throughout CT and in Brewster, NY, is dedicated to promoting the benefits of digital infrared thermal imaging. Also known as a thermogram, it is an FDA-approved non-radiation method of measuring patterns of heat emitted from the body. In relation to breast cancer, a thermogram detects angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels, which feed a tumor and show up as higher temperature in breast tissue. Thermograms detect cancerous conditions in the breast up to eight years before a mammogram can detect a tumor. Suzanne Pyle, MS, CCT, founder of XtoRays, will attend a two-day conference and special training by the American Clinical College of Thermology on October 4, in Fort Myers, FL. Topics will include discussion of the latest studies on the use of thermography for early detection of breast cancer, as well as other topics such as thermography’s use in homeopathic detox, emergency medicine, allergy testing, podiatry and the monitoring of diabetes and laser back treatments. The conference will also address the widespread use of thermograms in Europe. The featured speakers will be prominent medical practitioners from around the world.

For more information, please call Suzanne Pyle at 866 XtoRays (986.7297) or visit

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