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Dr. Nathanson’s New Mastectomy Relief Treatment

New England Physical Care, headed by Dr. Brian Nathanson, announces the development of a new treatment protocol designed to restore free movement and alleviate the discomfort and other symptoms experienced by many post-mastectomy patients. The new treatment approach has been described by a number of Dr. Nathanson’s patients as “life changing.” When a mastectomy is prescribed, both the breast and axillary nodes (lymph nodes in the armpit area) are removed, and in many cases breast reconstruction takes place either immediately or following a short post-recovery period. This has the potential to be both physically and psychologically traumatic.

 One of the most commonly reported post-surgical occurrences is kinesiophobia—fear of movement. This fear is, at the outset, often grounded in the very real physical restriction present during the immediate post-surgical period. Later, as time progresses, the process of healing itself can compound this problem. This is because scar tissue inevitably begins to build up in the affected areas, which further restricts movement and can cause tension and discomfort. When this occurs, the initial psychological fear response is again triggered, and consequently movement is by choice decreased.

 “It’s kind of a Catch-22” says Dr. Nathanson, “There’s a real initial reluctance to move after such an invasive procedure, which is understandable, but then over time, as the scar tissue begins to take hold and build up, the perceived restriction becomes a reality, the effects of which radiate into a number of related physical issues. Luckily, we can now attack the problem at its root by using the Graston technique in conjunction with the unique set of protocols I have developed.”

 Post-surgical reconstructive breast surgery is a common option for post-mastectomy patients who do not wish to wear a prosthesis, or who wish to regain symmetry or breast contour. While individual physical criteria determine when such reconstruction takes place, all of the reconstructive techniques involve considerable surgical manipulation, which can lead to symptoms of discomfort and restricted movement. “By applying soft-tissue procedures to the affected areas of breast reconstruction patients, and by restoring motion by breaking down the accumulated scar tissue, I have been fortunate in being able to provide relief for these people who have faced so many challenges. It is extremely gratifying,” says Dr. Nathanson.

For more information, contact Dr. Nathanson at 203.313.3844 or visit New England Physical Care is located at 161 East Ave in Norwalk.

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