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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Deep Sky Astrology for Teens and Parents

Stephanie Forest

"Just imagine if our parents were inspired to review our astrological charts at various stages along our childhood, if only to help us consciously evolve and fulfill our unique identity and rightful destiny, beginning at an early age." Stephanie Forest makes that possible. Typically, her early school and home atmospheres did not revolve around discussion of the natural psycho-spiritual human process. She found the meaning she was seeking when, still a teenager, she began studying astrology, discovering its emerging progressive aspects, finding astrology profoundly relevant to her inner being. Now Stephanie Forest’s Deep Sky Astrology for teens gives that experience to others at the same vulnerable age, offering an overview of the zodiacal archetypes children are learning to develop in this lifetime. Some teens, she explains, are born with a strong sense of what is right and wrong, working diligently at school and never getting into trouble. They are natural leaders who gather the respect of other teens and the trust of their parents. Other teens are more like scientists, here to discover the new; with an uncanny sense of time, they are future-oriented, dreamy and often “listen to a different drummer.” They remain loyal to the truth they find within, becoming popular teachers, healers or even inventors.

 Stephanie’s Teen Astrology sessions for parents are designed to reassure parents and enhance their confidence in understanding and guiding their teenagers, while her Individual teen sessions focus on acknowledging their strengths, making it easier for them to develop and manifest those strengths into the world.

Stephanie has been practicing astrology since 1976. Request a Deep Sky Astrology Session for Teens today. Summer Discount for Natural Awakenings readers! Call 413.528.8941 or email [email protected].

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