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Poorly Trained Au Pair or Nanny? Here’s Help.

Mar 15, 2011 03:49PM

Many families hire nannies and au pairs to meet their childcare needs, only to find that the childcare provider does not have an appropriate level of education regarding child development, appropriate limit setting or discipline techniques. Once the communication is clear between parents and childcare providers, and they have a common understanding about how the children will be cared for, there is a reduction in confusion, misunderstanding and conflict. But families often have difficulty communicating their expectations and parameters about the childcare provider’s role, and would benefit from expert assistance. To answer that need, Robin Ordan, LCSW, of Stamford, has expanded the training and education aspects of her Family Therapy Practice to include Nanny, Au Pair, or Childcare Training. Robin draws on the experience she’s gained from working with families and children for over eighteen years to minimize the family disruption that sometimes results from the limitations of childcare providers. She is able to facilitate improved communication for the entire family, resulting in excellent care for the children and parents who feel confident and comfortable with the higher level of care. She is confident that through working with families in this manner and collaborating with local childcare, nanny and au pair agencies, she will be able to reduce the stress and confusion that can arise between parents and childcare providers.

Robin Ordan, LCSW, is located at 2001 West Main Street, Suite 100C, Stamford. Contact Robin at 203.561.8535 or visit

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