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Wudang Tai Chi Introduces Longevity Qi Gong

Apr 15, 2011 01:45PM

Owner Luis Alberto Duarte is offering a free private class this month to introduce his new Taoist Longevity Qi Gong course at the Wudang Tai Chi studio in Stamford. Qi Gong can stimulate the body deeply with low-impact movement, resulting in a stronger mind/body connection. The ancient practice’s slow, relaxed movements are widely recognized for such health benefits as boosting immune response, strengthening internal organs, muscles, joints, and bones, resulting in abundant energy. A Qi Gong session makes one feel strong, centered, and happy. The Longevity Qi Gong course is recommended for beginners with no previous experience as well as for people who work with energy, such as practitioners in acupuncture, shiatsu, massage, or Reiki, or those who practice both the internal and external martial arts.. During this course participants will learn the basic theory and philosophy of Qi Gong, how to feel their chi (life energy), the difference between static and moving Qi Gong, Qi Gong meditation and Qi Gong self massage.

  Relax, rejuvenate and rebalance yourself with Longevity Qi Gong!

Owner Luis Alberto Duarte is an experienced Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor who offers private or group classes for all levels at his Wudang Tai Chi studio. Special courses are also available for companies, civic groups, hospitals and other health facilities. Wudang Tai Chi, at 414 West Main Street in Stamford, also offers programs designed for seniors and individuals with special needs. Call Luis at 203.570.1752 to sign up for a free private introductory class, or visit for more information.

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