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Prosperity in Times of Transition: Tibetan Workshop

Redding Meditation Society will host a Saturday, May 16 workshop on Creating Prosperity and Abundance in Times of Transition. Lama Lobsang Palden, a Tibetan yoga master, will conduct the five-hour session, using the Tibetan Guru Yoga Practices of Green Tara and Dzambhala. The mother of all Buddhas, Tara is a swift protector, giver of prosperity, and remover of obstacles. Dzambhala, the Buddha of wealth and prosperity, embodies the Buddha’s perfect generosity, personifies abundance, and removes obstacles to health and wealth. Lama Lobsang will demonstrate yoga mudras and breathing exercises that open the channels and chakras, allowing greater and more free-flowing energy, and relieving stress and anxiety. Lama Lobsang Palden was born in Tibet, recognized as a reincarnated lama as a boy, and trained at Amdo Tashi Kyll Monastery.

  The mission of the Redding Meditation Society is to help people of all faiths develop the self-awareness and inner peace necessary to live life in a skillful way. Under the expert guidance of resident Buddhist monks, the Society teaches the practice of Insight meditation, providing a serene contemplative space and a supportive community open to all who wish to share in the fruits of this practice.

The workshop fee is $135, which includes a Green Tara practice book and statue. Workshop hours are from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Redding Meditation Society is at 9 Picketts Ridge Road, West Redding. Register at (Blue Beryl Dharma Center). For information, contact Robert MacDonald at [email protected], and for directions,

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