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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Spring Clean Your Computer at a Special Rate

Apr 15, 2011 01:01PM

Aliza Wolfe

“All of my clients are women,” says traveling computer expert Aliza Wolfe, “and many have unfortunately been made to feel embarrassed by their lack of technical knowledge. They may have put off making the call for help because they were unaware that a service tailored for women existed. They find out that when I leave their homes, their computers not only function better, but they feel better!” One of the best things to do for ourselves as we begin this season of renewal is to maintain and protect the tool we rely on to stay in contact with our entire world: our computer. Too often we overlook the importance of maintaining a “healthy” and protected computer. Why? Because it can be kind of scary. The Computer Fairy takes the fear and mystery out of it, whether it’s wireless networking, cleaning up, speeding up or backing up you’d like help with. Aliza personally goes on every call herself and prides herself on building relationships with her clients, many of whom call her on a quarterly basis for computer checkups. “I really love what I do,” Aliza says. “Sharing my knowledge and meeting wonderful people—I couldn’t ask for more.”

Aliza Wolfe, the Computer Fairy, is offering a special Spring Cleaning Rate of $150 for up to 90 minutes of speeding up and organizing your applications and files (for Stamford and nearby towns). Call her at 203. 554.5975 or email her at [email protected] “Because Your Computer Wants You to Succeed!”