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Better Health Starts With Healthy Energy

Michael Baier

Energy Healing has been around for centuries. Once considered an alternative medicine, it is now being utilized by major hospitals, including Greenwich, Stamford, and Norwalk as a complement to conventional treatments. Michael Baier, an energy healer and teacher at a new location in Greenwich, explains: “The physical body has an energetic counterpart that is just now being acknowledged by Western medicine. The health of the physical body, as well as the health of the mind and emotions, is dependent upon the health of this energy ‘body.’ Stress causes the energy body to accumulate tension, gradually pulling it out of balance. Traumatic events, accidents and emotional upheavals have the same effect. Over time this imbalance can lead to ill health on many levels. As with a radio station, our out- of-tune energy body creates static and a less than enjoyable life. When the energy body is tuned and balanced, the mind is clear, emotions are smooth, and life flows easily.

  Baier offers a system for clearing accumulated tension and restoring balance to the energy body, incorporating acupressure and gentle touch. He also teaches meditation classes and offers lifestyle counseling for self-balancing.

Michael Baier is located at 1185 East Putnam Avenue in Riverside, just off Exit 5. Please call 970. 420.9700 for information or to schedule a free phone consultation. You can also visit his website at

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