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Therapeutic Coaching Practice Expands: “Mood Massage”

May 24, 2011 01:30PM

Allison Spitzer, M.A., announced that she has expanded her Therapeutic Coaching practice and now offers “Mood Massage.” “Mood Massage is a feel good session for those who may not need or seek counseling, but want an emotional pick-me-up from time to time,” Spitzer said. “Like a facial, good movie, or jacuzzi, a Mood Massage session feels like a mini-vacation from your troubles and worries.”

  Clients find they release tension, build energy, and feel better through individually tailored Mood Massage sessions of guided imagery, stretching, and relaxation activities accompanied by music. “Mood Massage is as restful and fun as a good laugh and a deep yawn,” she said. “People who are happy, stable, and well-adjusted still need a little tweak when they’re blue.” The client is guided in breath, meditation, simple stretching and stillness to both energize and rest body and spirit. “Some clients love to be “revved” up by exercise, and others need respite from a busy mind and lifestyle. Most want both because it’s so much fun!” Spitzer said.

  Spitzer began healing integrative arts work in 1975 with children and adolescents. Her practice supports troubled individuals and families with school or social problems such as depression, anger, or low self esteem. She specializes in relationship and communication breakdowns within the family, school, or workplace.

Allison Spitzer’s practice is based in Trumbull and she can be reached at [email protected] or 203.261.7615.

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