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Redding and Easton Parents Push for Healthier Food

Jun 17, 2011 02:59PM

Parents of students in Redding and Easton are asking that their children’s schools serve healthier, locally grown foods. The request is part of a national trend and is an offshoot of the Healthy Schools program, which requires, in part, that all beverages served in schools be 100-percent natural fruit juices (no soda). Calories and portion sizes are also restricted, as well as the percentage of fats in foods. "We don't want to dictate what the outcome will be," says Redding Education Foundation member Kate Ebbott "but we definitely want the boards to conform more to a wellness program for our children's foods."

  The Redding and Easton school districts have formalized their participation in the CT Department of Agriculture's Farm-to-Schools program, which certifies area farms to sell produce to schools.

Farmers interested in selling to school systems can contact Jane Slupecki at 860.713.2588. For more information on the Farm-to-School program, visit: