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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Free Tutoring Consultation Offered

Jun 17, 2011 02:56PM

Tutoring offers many gifts to a child, including self-confidence, an opportunity to excel, organizational skills, and a crucial foundation for learning. Steven Freedman is currently offering a free consultation for parents to discuss their child’s specific needs. Greater independence, follow-through and practical life skills that are vital to academic and personal success are also by-products of private tutoring. Freedman, a Connecticut-certified elementary school teacher with Master's degrees in both Education and Communications, has operated a learning center for students with sensory-based and other learning issues, and is now tutoring students in grades one through six privately in Stamford and neighboring towns. Freedman says that his tutoring will focus on the subject matter that challenges a student, as well as such important skills as reading/decoding, writing, note-taking, writing outlines and reports, creating checklists, math skills, and clearing “homework clutter.” Tutored children, because they are more relaxed, enjoy learning more. “At the core of every child’s success, especially those with individualized or unique learning needs, is an understanding of how that child learns, and structuring the teaching process to those needs. I provide foundational strategies for dealing with ADD/ADHD and sensory integration issues, and help students who simply need additional skills and techniques to truly master the learning process,” says Freedman.

To arrange a free consultation to discuss your child’s specific needs, please contact Steven Freedman at 203.253.4517, or email [email protected].