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Extraordinary Training, Extraordinary Change

Clients of The Studio for Extraordinary Training expect change and are willing to work hard to that end. That’s where Team Tune Up comes in. This is a training/nutritional program strictly for men and women who are sedentary, who want to lose high levels of body fat. The program consists of bi-weekly visits to our nutritionist, weekly workouts and support calls with group members. As a member you will work with members and instructors for intense and challenging workouts. Program members lose an average of 20 lbs. with firm commitment to the lifestyle. Group and individualized sessions are available. The Studio offers personal training, individually or in small group settings, with a variety of classes: skill training for athletes, boxing boot camps, and more. The Studio describes itself as “a no nonsense facility.”

Contact The Studio for Extraordinary Training at 203.798.0611. The Studio is located at 10 Federal Road, Unit 6, rear, Danbury, CT.

Coming in December
 Deadline: The 12th of the month. Contact [email protected] for cheerful and efficient help with your marketing!

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