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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Dr. Bernie Siegel in Norwalk

Jul 26, 2011 01:57PM

Timeless Health Solutions presents Connecticut’s first Soul Wisdom Weekend, August 26-28. The event, held at a beautiful 66-acre venue in Norwalk, will bring Mellen-Thomas Benedict to the East Coast for the first time. Called by Deepak Chopra “an encyclopedia of the Afterlife,” Mellen will be presenting on several subjects, along with body-mind pioneer and author Dr. Bernie Siegel and Transformational Breathwork expert Judith Kravitz. After dying in the 1980s, Mellen-Thomas Benedict returned to life completely healed, with the world’s most famous near-death experience and an ability to return to the Light. He will speak about this and “Gaia 2012 and Beyond,” a multimedia seminar offering the fresh perspective on the near future he was shown on The Other Side. “Be prepared to have your worldview rocked and enlightened,” Mellen says. Also presenting will be America’s most beloved and influential mind-body pioneer, Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of eleven books and a new collection of miracle stories due out in September. Integrating it all: the Transformational Breathwork of Judith Kravitz. Rinpochu Tulku Thubten says of her work: “You may call it a shortcut to enlightenment.” The weekend will also include Sacred Music, Kundalini Yoga, a Preferential Living Workshop, Tai Chi, Chair Massages, and a Barbeque. Soul Wisdom is presented by Dy’Ann Suares, founder and facilitator of Timeless Health Solutions, using a positive energetic application model that assists the BodyMind in returning to its True Authentic Nature and Well Being.

For information on venue location, weekend schedule and fees, visit Contact Dy’Ann Suares at [email protected] or 860.318.5638.

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