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Local Authors Launch What I Know To Be True

Caroline Temple & Lisa Jacoby

Lisa Jacoby of Westport and holistic psychotherapist Caroline Temple of Fairfield announce the publication of their book, What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set you Free, due out this Fall. The culmination of a three-year collaboration, the book teaches a simple and easy way to deepen our connection to our all-knowing inner wisdom, a way to tap into our own Truth—not someone else’s. What I Know to Be True is a book, a practice, a way of life. It opens the gateway to the truth –the knowing - that resides deep within us and acts as our personal GPS for how to live with greater ease. Readers will learn to know the Truth, to trust that we can depend on it, and use it as a guide to live by. Lisa and Caroline also offer experiential retreats; the next is on September 17 in Norwalk. The retreat is designed to teach participants to understand, practice, and apply the powerful personal empowerment tools described in the book, as a way to live a fuller, more joyous and easier life.

For more information, visit or contact Caroline Temple at 203.866.9333 or Lisa Jacoby at 203.981.7092.

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