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A Mind/Body/Spirit Conception Series

This fall, Norwalk-based Limitless Potential presents the Conscious Conception Seminar Series. Founded and directed by Nina Antolino, RYT, MBA, Limitless Potential is a consulting and coaching practice offering women’s empowerment workshops, seminars, wellness programs, and personal and professional coaching. Nina’s own personal challenge with fertility at the age of 40 led to her pursuit of a mind/body/spirit approach to conception. “I was told that because of my age, endometriosis, and an FSH of 27, it wouldn’t be possible for me to conceive. And yet, within three months, I conceived on my own. My mission is to educate, empower and encourage women to trust in their creative power and stay open to possibilities.” The seminar series will connect women with each other and with a community of integrative practitioners, two seminars each week, inspirational success stories, and experiential sessions of yoga, meditation, Reiki and more. The series offers 16 nationally recognized experts and authors including Dr. Paul Epstein, ND, author of Happiness Through Meditation, Dr. Joel Evans, MD, author of Whole Pregnancy Handbook, and a special guest teleseminar with Kristen Magnacca, speaker, coach and author of Love & Infertility and Girlfriend to Girlfriend: a Fertility Companion.

  There will be free raffles, discounted wellness services, book signings, and teleseminar sessions. Dr. Christiane Northrup explains, “Regardless of what you have been told about your fertility, you need to know that your ability to conceive is profoundly influenced by the complex interaction among psychosocial, psychological and emotional factors, and that you can consciously work with this to enhance your ability to have a baby.”

The seminar sessions will take place on Mondays, from October 3 to November 21, from 7:30 to 9 p.m.  at the Total Life Care Center, 152 East Avenue, Norwalk. For more details contact Nina Antolino at 914.393.9221 or visit

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