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Four New ProMindful Workshops

Alex Nason, co-founder of ProMindful, Inc., announces four new workshops. The first, "Beating Cancer and Chronic Illness Gently,” is both an introduction to various integrative holistic health and wellness resources for people with cancer or chronic illness and an opportunity for attendees to share their own most powerful integrative holistic health and wellness resources. The second 90-minute workshop is "Meditation for Beginners,” for both beginners and experienced practitioners, and includes a brief introduction and the experience of several different 10-to-20-minute meditations of varying kinds. The third 90-minute workshop is "Mindfulness Training,” exploring mindfulness as it relates to stress, diet, and exercise, combining lecture, Q&A, sharing, and direct application of various techniques. The fourth 90-minute workshop is "The Alternative Love Exchange,” a forum for people seeking an alternative to society's current stress reduction, diet and exercise modalities, who love mindfulness and holistic health and enjoy exchanging their valuable experiences and knowledge with the rest of the group. Alex Nason has studied yoga, meditation, and healing arts with numerous masters for more than a decade. He is on the Stewardship Council of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY.

Email Alex Nason at [email protected] or call 203.856.5299. Visit

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