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The Alliance for Raising Consciousness (ARC) Sacred Center Finds a Home

ARC Sacred Center, a longtime dream of Rev. Christine Guerrera, has found its new home at in Monroe at 458 Monroe Turnpike. Guerrera and Rev. Arlene Powers, the Center's leaders, have a desire to create a space where people can feel a sense of connectedness and unity in a world often caught up in materialism and separateness. Diversity, freedom of expression, and appreciating one another's gift's are at the forefront of ARC. 

 The Center provides a space for people of all faiths and backgrounds to gather in pursuit of a spiritual experience that transcends any one religion. The Center offers educational, healing, and enrichment events that will strengthen community and family awareness, individual consciousness and self care.  

 ARC offers a variety of services which include an interfaith gathering every other Saturday, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, healing energy work, and “My Little Light” children's program. As an affiliate of One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC, the Center will offer interfaith seminary programs and bring well known speakers to the area. Additionally, ARC supports a network of trusted healing arts practitioners and spiritual leaders as a resource for assistance with mind, body and soul issues. Community outreach in the way of creating and managing a network of volunteers to support the Center's members and surrounding communities through charitable donations of time and money is also in development.

 The birth of ARC Sacred Center is one example of the global awakening that shows a hunger for a new and meaningful spiritual connection and community. ARC is stepping forward and commits to being a part of this global shift. Let’s unite and “be the change we want to see in the world.”

ARC Sacred Center is located at 458 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe. For more information visit or email [email protected].

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