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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Sacred Doors Introduces Gem Therapy

Dec 02, 2011 02:43PM

Sacred Doors is proud of introducing new wellness technologies to Fairfield County. Master healer John Mercede offers an energy practice that allows for rejuvenation of our systems and bodies, bringing dramatic changes in a very short time, and Susan Freeland introduces a cutting-edge yet ancient technology, TheraGem™. This is a light color gem therapy using crystals that store electro-magnetic energy. Color, light and crystalline energy are directed deep into the tissues, organs and meridians of the body, stimulating healing within the cells. With this modern technology and the knowledge of ancient shamanistic traditions, the balancing of the Human Assemblage Point, our bodies’ very own North and South Pole, can be accomplished, along with cleansing of the energy field. Sacred Doors works closely with Michael Pizhadeze, a quantum physicist specializing in wellness technology and psycho-physics. One of the resulting technologies is VCP, Video-Computer Psycho-Diagnostics, which can correct many psychological and physical problems. The Center has several departments, and an extended network of top practitioners in many areas of holistic wellness and healing. The Center is one of the few in Connecticut with Infra Red Saunas, Ionic Footbaths, our favorite Fulvic minerals, and homeopathic remedies, along with the ability to produce a deep detoxification of the body, including heavy metals. The Center also offers a complete weight-management program aligned with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Sacred Doors is located at 2 Park Street, Norwalk (by appointment only) and also at 1300 Post Road East, Westport. 203.727.8685. For more information visit Use code NA001 for a 10% discount on any of our in- house services.

Email [email protected] or [email protected].

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