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Laser Success for Fungal Toenail Distress

Dr. Joel S. Segalman

Dr. Joel S. Segalman of Newtown Foot Care Group, LLC, is pleased to announce his Group’s “extreme success in the last year treating toenail fungus with the new state-of-the-art K- Laser. In just ten minutes this laser can kill the pathogens that cause fungal toenails. The procedure is performed in either of our offices. This procedure is safe, painless and no anesthetic is required. Laser treatment has clinically shown a more than 80% effective rate, compared to topical treatments that provide less than 8% effective rate after many months/years of treatment. There is significant improvement in the health and appearance of treated toenails. Most important, since the Laser treatment is drug free, there are none of the side effects, such as liver enzyme elevation or drug interactions. Subsequently, there is no need for blood-test-monitoring, as well. Once the fungus has been eradicated from the toenail by the Laser, the toenail is allowed to grow out, a process that may vary from patient to patient. To have pretty toenails for this upcoming spring and summer, patients should make an appointment now in order to allow for the whole process to take effect.”

The Newtown Foot Care Group is located at 87 S Main Street, Newtown. Call 203.270.6724.

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