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Rolfing Structural Integration at Healing Touch

Meg Maurer

Meg Maurer, Certified Rolfer™, is now offering Rolfing® Structural Integration at Healing Touch Wellness Center in Trumbull. “I’m thrilled to be practicing in Connecticut again,” said Meg. “My time away was well-spent, but it feels good to be home.” In addition to Rolfing, Meg has studied Thai Massage, SourcePoint Energy Medicine, and has trained in Scar Tissue Work and Yoga Therapy. She is also certified in Rolf Movement®, which she offers as an instructor at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. “Rolfing is an effective way to heal chronic pain,” she explained. “Because Rolfers address the whole body, we help to bring clients into alignment and balance, which leads to freedom from pain and stiffness. Most clients find that they have better flexibility and mobility, as well. I have had great success helping clients with everything from headaches and TMJ to carpal tunnel and low back pain. From the top of the head to the soles of the feet, Rolfing SI can help! Even fibromyalgia symptoms are relieved with Rolfing. I ask, ‘How much more energy would you have if you weren’t pre-occupied with pain?’ More energy for the things you love – this is a goal I hold for my clients.”

Healing Touch is located at 5802 Main Street, Trumbull, and is easily accessed by Routes 25 and 15. Meg is also located in Brookfield at Connecticut Family Chiropractic, at 132 Federal Road. For more information call Meg Maurer at 203.770.6552 or visit her website: